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Join us for this year's VATA Conference
“ART! The Creative Core!"
Keynote Address by Dr. Marilyn Stewart
“Going DEEP (and wishing we’d figured this out sooner)” 
The next generation’s national visual arts standards are anchored in what we call “Enduring Understandings.” These big ideas promise to guide us as we plan for art programs that really matter to our students now andas they move into their future. Dr. Marilyn Stewart will talk about how we can plan curriculum that aims for deep engagement with ideas — ideas that rouse the imagination and inspire multiple paths for making, presenting and responding to art.

Dr. Marilyn Stewart is Professor of Art Education, Kutztown University. She is author of Thinking Through Aesthetics, co-author of Rethinking Curriculum in Art, editor of the Art Education in Practice series by Davis Pub- lications, co-author of Davis Publications’ middle school art textbook program and senior author of its elementary textbook series, Explorations in Art. Honored by the National Art Education Association in 2011 as the National Art Educator of the Year, she was named a Distinguished Fellow in 2010, the Pennsylvania Art Educator of the Year in 2006, and the Eastern Region Higher Education Art Educator of the Year in 1998. Other awards include the Kenneth Marantz Distinguished Alumni Award from The Ohio State University, the D. Jack Davis Lectureship Award by the Uni- versity of North Texas, the Distinguished Wampler Profes- sorship by James Madison University, and the Chambliss Research Award by Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. She was the 1997-1998 Visiting Scholar with the Getty Edu- cation Institute for the Arts, is a frequent keynote speaker at meetings and seminars around the country and has served for many years as a consultant in a variety of curriculum development and assessment projects sponsored by the Getty Education Institute, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, The Annenberg Foundation, The College Board, the Milken Family Foundation and, most recently, Craft in America and Through The Flower, as Director of The Dinner Party Curriculum Project. Working with state departments of education, school districts, universities, and museums, she has conducted over 200 extended staff development institutes, seminars, or in-service days in over 25 states. 
Plus Great Hands-On Workshops!

Needle Felting a Gnome with Susi Ryan 

Have you ever admired a piece of needle felting and wondered “how was that made?” You will learn basic needle felting techniques while designing and creating your own gnome figurine. Both Beginners and Advanced felters are welcome! Come and discover this highly addictive art form!

Making Wearable Art with Courtney Reckord 

Have you always wanted to make your own wear- able art? Well today you can dabble in some basic metal- smithing techniques! We will be doing some basic forging, wire wrapping and riveting projects that you will be able to finish and take with you! I will show a variety of project examples and you can choose your favorites while incorporating your own designs. We will be using copper, brass and nickel wire to make several varieties of wire.

The Direct Touch: Confidence with Coils with Holly Walker 

Using your hands as your primary tool, participants in this workshop will build ceramic forms from rolled coils that are then pinched up into form. Working with clay in this direct, historically significant way reveals the speed, pulse and tempo of your direct touch. Learn how to build forms of any size with confidence. Her work can be found online at

Setting & Point-of-View in Picture Book Illustration with Amy Huntington 

How do choices of setting and point-of-view affect story? How would the Princess and the Pea look from the point-of-view of the pea? What if the cow jumped over a moon full of aliens? Participants will try their hand at sketching scenarios with a focus on these concepts.

Zentangle Workshop with Susan Shedd 

Learn the relaxing, meditational Zentangle® method of creating beautiful, non-representational images from repeated/structured patterns. This is a portable art form, easy for almost anyone to learn and do. Your students can increase focus, attention, & relaxation while learning a simple, powerful procedure that frees their inner artist.

Flags, Folds & Accordians with Dorsey Hogg 

In this workshop participants will use paper as a sculptural medium to create 3-dimensional books and freestanding paper sculptures. The techniques that will be explored are simple enough to use in the classroom and can be developed into more complex structures to use in your own artwork and with motivated students. Workshop participants will use old posters, calendars, and pages from discarded books to create their own artist books.

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Sunday, September 1, 2013


VATA's 2013 Fall Conference:
ART! The Creative Core

is Monday October 14th 
at VTC.

Join us for a day of Professional Development, 
networking and FUN!

Our keynote speaker this year is Dr. Marilyn G. Stewart.

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