Friday, February 8, 2013

Our First Post!

Welcome VATA Members and Friends!

Our goal is to host a plethora of ideas, lesson plans, images, strategies, how-to's, information and really cool art for art educators, pre-service teachers, parents, community members and schools. (Wow, that was a long list!)

This will be a place to CONNECT with your fellow educators, ASK QUESTIONS, be INSPIRED and (of course) find some great ideas and see some great ART.

We welcome feedback- just click on the Connect With Us tab.

Can't wait to get started!

And....since it's Friday here's the first Fun Friday post:

Michael Sowa's paintings are technically brilliant and his subject matter just makes us smile.

Michael Sowa (born 1945) is a German artist known mainly for his paintings, which are variously whimsical, surreal, or stunning. His paintings often feature animals and are titled in English and German. Sowa studied at the Berlin State School of Fine Arts for seven years and worked briefly as an art teacher before focusing entirely on his career as a painter and illustrator. -Wikipedia

Here's Kohler's Pig:

Wouldn't this be a great piece to show students and then have them write creatively about it?
It would also be a great conversation starter about adynatons—a figure of speech so hyperbolic that it 
describes an impossibility.

Let us know if this sparks a lesson plan- we'd love to share it here on Painted Tables!